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Work with Graymark Healthcare and your physician to promote better sleep health

Once you’ve completed a sleep study at a sleep disorder center, the sleep specialist who handled your study at the sleep center will chart your sleep stages and look for any events of abnormal breathing or leg movement.

Sleep study results are passed on to your physician after being carefully reviewed and interpreted by the physicians at Graymark Healthcare centers. When you review the results with your doctor or a specialist, they can help you understand whether you have obstructive sleep apnea, how severe your case may be, and what the right course of sleep apnea treatment will be.

While there are several types of therapies for treating sleep apnea, your treatment will depend on your medical history, physical examination and, of course, the results of your sleep study. Your doctor may need more information or may need to conduct another examination to determine what will ultimately be effective in treating your sleep apnea.

At Graymark Healthcare, treating sleep apnea and snoring is what we do. We walk you through every step of your obstructive sleep apnea treatment, partnering with your physician to help you treat the sleep disorder and find relief from the symptoms that led you to seek treatment.

We will help you find a doctor if you don’t already have one, complete the necessary forms and choose the best sleep apnea devices if that is what your doctor prescribes. We are your partner in treating obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.