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Improve your sleep health with sleep testing at one of our state-of-the-art sleep disorder centers.

A sleep test (also called a sleep disorder study or polysomnogram) is an overnight study that’s used to identify and treat a number of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. During a sleep study, a health professional records your physical state during various stages of sleep and wakefulness by connecting you to electrodes that monitor your brain waves, respiration, heart rhythm, and muscle movements throughout the night.

The data collected helps us to evaluate your sleep and sleep-related complaints because we’re able to observe and log your sleep stages, body position, blood oxygen levels, respiratory events, muscle tone, heart rate, amount of snoring and general sleep behavior. We read and interpret the data from your sleep study, and provide the results to you and your physicians so that a course of treatment can be prescribed. 

Sleep studies are comfortable and non-invasive
picAt Graymark Healthcare, we walk you through every step of the sleep testing process, from billing and insurance details to filling out sleep disorder study forms to letting you know exactly what to expect when you are scheduled for a sleep health study.

It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit anxious about a sleep test. You might feel unnerved spending a night away from home or from your family, and you might feel that the sleep disorder study won’t capture your true sleep patterns since you’re not in your normal environment. . Even if you do not sleep your best or you don’t have a normal night’s sleep, we should still have enough data to interpret the findings and send sleep study results to your physician.