Did you know that there are over 80 recognized sleep disorders?
Print and complete the comprehensive Epworth Sleepiness Scale to bring to your initial consultation.

Below is the Berlin Sleep Questionnaire to screen for Sleep Apnea.  This Online Sleep Test automatically calculates your likelihood of having Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) based upon the answer to questions identifying high risk areas as well as calculating your BMI as a risk factor:
Online Test Questions: CATEGORY 1 1. Do you snore?

B. Your snoring is?

2. How often do you snore?

3. Has your snoring ever bothered other people?
4. Has anyone noticed that you quit breating during your sleep?

CATEGORY 2 5. How often do you feel tired or fatigued in the morning?

6. When you are supposed to be awake, do you feel tired, fatigued or not up to par?

7. Have you ever nodded off or fallen asleep while driving a vehicle?
B. If yes, how often?

CATEGORY 3 8. Do you have high blood pressure?

Height in Inches
Weight in pounds