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Get the most from your CPAP therapy

Learning how to properly use CPAP/BiLevel PAP equipment can take time and may require some patience. As you spend time trying out your new sleep apnea device, remember that it is designed to give you a better night’s sleep. Even if you feel a little uncomfortable sleeping with the device at first, improving the amount and quality of sleep you get each night is important for your health. For the majority of CPAP therapy patients, it’s worth the time it takes to adjust to the mask and accessories. Find out more in CPAP Common Discomforts and CPAP Desensitization.

Keep your CPAP/Bi-Level PAP device clean and in good working order
To keep your CPAP/Bi-Level PAP sleep apnea device working properly, it’s important to clean the mask, machine and accessories regularly. Our CPAP Cleaning Schedule offers a guide for care and cleaning, which will help your device and accessories last longer.

Having problems with your CPAP sleep apnea device?
If you experience any issues with your sleep apnea device, such as air blowing in your face, condensation in the tubing or mask, or a “whistle” noise from the mask, we have several CPAP troubleshooting tips for you to try. Through a simple process of trial and error, you can fix most of the CPAP device issues at home, but Graymark is ready to help if you cannot solve the issue on your own. Simply contact us and let us know how we can help.

Replacing your CPAP/BiLevel PAP device or components
Even with excellent care and cleaning, CPAP masks, hoses, water chambers and filters will need to be replaced eventually. Machine components can wear down with use, and may not work optimally, at which time they need to be replaced. Find out more about CPAP/BiLevel PAP  part replacement.

At Graymark, our commitment to your sleep health doesn’t stop after you begin using a sleep apnea device. Our dedicated staff of respiratory therapists and patient care coordinators can assist with CPAP replacement questions. Contact us if you have any issues with your sleep apnea treatment or if you have problems with your sleep apnea device.